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Erick Aybar Injury: Do Angels Have Options?

Angels stellar shortstop Erick Aybar was injured during a chump take-out slide by Milwaukee Brewers infielder Casey McGehee in Monday night's game. That McGehee had been hit by the pitch to get on base in the first place hardly mitigates that the takeout was performed when the Brewers led 9-2 late in the game.

The Angels moved Maicer Izturis from 3B to SS, Kevin Frandsen from 1B to 3B and added Robb Quinlan at 1B. Aybar was announced as having a hyperextended knee, but did not leave the field until his arms were wrapped around two men's shoulders. No matter what the official word is, it would be quite a stretch to imagine that Aybar will not soon be in the disabled list.

The team's options include:

  • This could spell the return of Brandon Wood to Anaheim. He is tanking big at AAA but his time on the Disabled List is drawing to a close as the maximum rehab assignment time he can take is almost upon us anyway. Wood can play above average SS.
  • Gary Patchett (32 years old, .641 OPS in 53 AAA games this year), and Nate Sutton (28 with a .803 OPS in 52 AAA games this year) would be the other likely callups from Salt Lake. Patchett is the superior defender at SS, Sutton the more versatile infield position player.
  • Freddy Sandoval remains on the DL at AAA. So is all-glove, no-bat SS Hainley Staita.
  • Mark Trumbo is on the 40-Man Roster and could be called up as the Angels 1B. He has 15 HR at Salt Lake and could push Quinlan to the bench. SS and 3B could be operated by Frandsen and Izturis.

Any other ideas?