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ESPN Shutters Five ESPN Zone Eateries

ESPN is closing five of its seven locations nationwide immediately, pushing approximately 940 employees out of their  kitchens and into the soup kitchens.

We all know that ESPN is a garbage company masquerading as experts in whatever field they attempt to parasite, be it broadcasting, "journalism", "reporting", blogging, et cetera.

Remember when they had a massive retail chain (in So Cal there was one at the Glendale Galleria). That whole chain belly up. And they continue to be the worldwide leader in failure.

Today, the Sultans of Bristol announced that their overpriced greasy spoons known as ESPN Zones are all closing ... except for their two Southern California locations (Downtown at the Staples Center and at Downtown Disney in Anaheim). They are shuttering their Times square location, their Las Vegas locale located next to the Sports Book in the New York New York casino, Baltimore, Washington DC and Chicago. Their two spots in SoCal are, not surprisingly, run by independent companies and hence, survive.

Everyone on earth says the key to a successful eatery is "location, location, location," but it would seem that the four-letter YankSox lubbers found a way to destroy even that simple maxim with incompetence and, let's face it, overpriced bad food that made Planet Hollywood taste like Spago.

Are ESPN regional websites and sportsblogging "networks" far behind?