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Joel Pineiro Gets Angels Back on Track as Halos Beat Brewers 5-1

Final score in Anaheim: Halos 5, Brew Crew 1

Dear Betty-

We finally beat those dang Brewers! Today I pitched another awesome game. Although I didn't get the complete game like I did in my last game against the Dodgers, I only allowed 3 hits in nine innings. In fact, the only batter who was able to get into scoring position was the guy who homered off me in the 3rd inning. I felt like I was in a groove the whole game as 77 of my 109 pitches were strikes, and I struck out 5 hitters (or should I say none-hitters, ha!).

I felt really good for my catcher Bobby Wilson. He hit his first major league home run today, a three-run shot in the bottom of the second. My other buddy, Mike Napoli also homered while going 2 for 2 with 2 runs scored. I'll have to introduce you to Naps, he's really cool.

And guess who's back! Yep, Brandon Wood! And guess who got a hit! Yep, Wood singled in today's game (and only struck out once).

I better go, we head out to Chicago to play the Cubs this weekend.

See you soon-