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Vote Enciso

When Vladimir Guerrero hit his 400th career HR last season, who was at the game with a handmade 400 HR sign urging Vladdy on toward that mark? Jose Enciso. When Hideki Matsui stands up to bat, who is often holding one of those Mock-Disney Matsuiland letters? Jose Enciso is.

So why not VOTE FOR JOSE ENCISO as the biggest Angels fan in the contest that the Orange County Register is running in order to get lotsa clicks so their parent company doesn't just shut down their sports section and outsource their sports coverage to the Cricketting Gazette of Mumbai India.

Wonder if there is a grumpy Statler/Waldorf-like duo replicating the OCR's Earl Bloom and Mark Whicker in Bombay right now feeling superior to cricket fans because they have seen a lot of cricket in their time from the press box and write cricket articles that the average fan could whip out on their cricket blog before heading out to the Monsoon High Junior Prom. Vote Enciso, Vote Often.Enciso_medium

Dedicated as always, Jose is pictured in action here the outfield earlier this week, getting ready to lift one of the Matsuiland letters.