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Week 11 Results

Ahoy there.

This week was certainly a great turnaround from the last one. A lot more green. A lot more correct predictions. And a whole lot of points being won.

Week 11 results are here!

Lets take a look. halo84653 impresses once again by winning over 100 MILLION points. Amazing prognosticating skills sir. As he was one of 4 to get 5/6 predictions correct this week (joining ALucky22, stuck in Romania, and vlad IS my man)

Top 5 now looks like the following

halo84653 158457065
bc56274 44489720
vladtheimpaler 36152000
44FAN 14245000
Los Angeles de Anaheim 14067760

Yup... that's a 110M point gap between 1st and 2nd... And not only that halo84653 also holds the Most correct answers lead! But in that front he's only leading by one pick! Keep making those picks!!