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Royal Pen Shuts Down Halos, Hangin' With Canseco. Halolinks.

I have no idea what this picture has to do with anything, but just sit back and enjoy it's awesomeness.
I have no idea what this picture has to do with anything, but just sit back and enjoy it's awesomeness.

Tejeda comes through in KC's 6-3 win over Angels - Yahoo! Sports
Brian Bannister (5-3) did his part, pitching into the sixth inning for his fourth straight win despite struggling with location. But the heavy lifting was done by the bullpen, once the weak link in Kansas City. Tejeda got it started, stopping the Angels with two on and one out in the sixth inning, then rolling over the Angels in an overpowering seventh. Blake Wood was just as dominating in the eighth and Joakim Soria made it look easy in the ninth, getting two strikeouts for his 13th save in 15 chances. The Royals scored four runs off the right-hander in the fifth inning, one on a single by Getz that tied the score, two more on DeJesus’ triple that went over Torii Hunter’s head after the center fielder initially broke in (here's the video: DeJesus lines a two-run triple to center). Butler made it 5-2 with a sacrifice that scored DeJesus. Pineiro stayed in to finish the game, but gave up Guillen’s 12th homer in the eighth to lose his fourth straight road start. "That’s a little bit of what’s been happening to me lately," Pineiro said after allowing six runs on 10 hits in eight innings. "You go out there and start off all right, then you have a bad inning and are able to comeback and settle down. I’ve got to go out and find a way to minimize the multi-run innings."

I'm going to admit it right now, I fell asleep during this game and missed the 4th - 7th innings. Does that mean I can't make some comments about the outcome? Nah. First, what's up with Mr. Hunter? Is he old or uninspired? I'm hoping for the former, but have a feeling it's the later. From my vantage point 2000 miles away, he just doesn't seem like his old, happy-go-lucky, quote spouting machine from previous years. Could he still be stinging from his "imposters" debacle from this spring? Second, I've been loving me some Joel, but he's right, he needs to stop having that one bad inning. Wasn't that something Jered Weaver had a problem with? I think Weaver would just get pissed, while Pineiro loses his focus...or something. Maybe Mike Butcher could, I don't know, walk out and see what's going on? Anyway, here's a couple highlights: Izturis socks a solo homer deep to right - Maicer Izturis knocks a solo home run to right field, cutting the Angels' deficit to two runs in the top of the sixth inning, and the umpires get one right: Matsui's double is upheld upon review - Hideki Matsui's double is upheld upon review by replay.


Angels-Royals Preview - 6/2/10 - FOX Sports on MSN

Much like his team, Kazmir (3-5, 6.34 ERA) is failing to live up to expectations. The onetime Tampa Bay ace has given up four runs or more in five of nine starts in his first full season in Los Angeles, and is 1-4 with a 6.91 ERA over his last five outings. Kazmir surrendered six runs and eight hits in 5 1-3 innings of Friday's 8-3 loss to Seattle, striking out a season-low one. The two-time All-Star left-hander is 2-2 with a 4.89 ERA in eight starts against the Royals, but is winless in four outings at Kauffman Stadium. Kansas City (22-31) has performed in a curious pattern recently, alternating three-game winning streaks with three-game losing skids since May 19. If the pattern holds, the Royals would be due for another victory in this matchup - Tuesday's win snapped the latest three-game slide. Kyle Davies (4-3, 4.92) will take the mound seeking to continue the trend. The right-hander made two starts against Los Angeles last season, limiting the Angels to one run each time and earning a 6-3 home win Sept. 7, when he scattered five hits and six walks over five innings.

The following pitching feats will not happen in Kansas City tonight: a perfect game, a no-hitter, a shutout, a complete game, nor a "dominating pitching performance". The pitching highlight will be a one-two-three inning.

Fixing the Kendry Morales issue no easy answer for Los Angeles Angels - ESPN Los Angeles
If you owned this team, would you shell out $10 million or more for a first baseman to replace Kendry Morales, who fractured his left leg Saturday celebrating a home run? Let's say you do. Then your team continues to scuffle along and the guy walks in November. Wouldn't you feel kind of silly? More important, you might have put a big enough dent in your team's budget that the 2011 team doesn't end up being as competitive. With a bumper crop of free agents looming next winter, adding a big-ticket spare part like Paul Konerko ($12 million) or Lance Berkman ($14.5 million) for a few months might be an example of firing a blank. There are big game targets starting in November, including Carl Crawford, Magglio Ordonez and Jayson Werth.

I can understand not adding the salary of Konerko or Berkman because they're not worth it, but I certainly hope the Angels are not going to bypass adding salary to replace Morales because they want to save money for Magglio Ordonez or Jason Werth in 2011. Do the Angels blow off their run at another AL west division championship for a chance at signing Carl Crawford next off season? I hope not (Crawford's going to be a Yankee in 2011). Another thing, some people have written that replacing Morales with Napoli is probably the best solution, but I think they're looking at this wrong. Morales isn't being replaced by Napoli, Morales is being replaced by Jeff Mathis, Robb Quinlan, Michael Ryan, and Brandon Wood. And that's not going to work.

Paul Konerko: Discounts talk of trade to Los Angeles Angels -
Paul Konerko admits he roots for the Angels when his White Sox are not playing them because of his association with Angels manager Mike Scioscia and several coaches he has known since their days together in the Dodgers' organization in the 1990s. Konerko has full no-trade rights by virtue of having at least 10 years in the majors and the last five with the Sox. He nearly signed with the Angels after the 2005 season as a free agent and Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said Sunday the Angels have made attempts to acquire him in the past.

He just wants to get away from Pierzynski.

Scot Shields has recaptured his old form . . . but only on occasion -
Add Xavier Nady to the list of potential trade targets for the Angels in their quest to replace first baseman Kendry MoralesNady, 31, signed a one-year, $3.3-million deal with the Chicago Cubs after missing most of 2009 because of elbow surgery. The outfielder has started 60 big league games at first base. Nady has been eased back into action this season, hitting .263 in 38 games with three home runs and 13 runs batted in, but he is not expected to claim a starting spot in the Cubs' outfield. He went four for four with a two-run homer Tuesday night against Pittsburgh.

Within this article about Shields is this tidbit about the possible addition of Xavier Nady. I don't know if this is just Mike DiGiovanna (who still won't return my emails) throwing a name out there or if he's actually heard anything "real". Either way, it's not a bad idea.

Jose Canseco Interview - Canseco's Corner
ROTOINFO: Do you ever see yourself coaching at some point in your future, and in what role?
JOSE CANSECO: I see myself in the future managing a team. I would love to start as a hitting instructor or a first base or third base coach and eventually when this whole steroid era blows over become a manager of a Major League Baseball organization.
ROTOINFO: "Spend the day with Jose Canseco" seems to be getting a lot of buzz on your Twitter account. What exactly does this day consist of?
JOSE CANSECO: It can consist of anything the individual wants to do. We can go bowling, play softball, go weightlifting, spare, train in any sport, go to the movies or even go boating. It basically entails anything the individual wants to do. We can even just sit around and talk baseball all day. It is really about the individual spending the day with me and doing what they want to do.
ROTOINFO: When you were on top of your game who was the most popular female celebrity that you were ever involved with?
JOSE CANSECO: People think that I had sex with Madonna, but I didn’t. We were friends, she wanted to hook up with me and she proposed marriage to me. At the time I was still in love with my first wife and I decided not to pursue Madonna any longer. I could imagine if I would’ve married Madonna and had some kids with her how my life would have been completely different.

And why doesn't Jose Canseco have his own reality program? Holy crap, that'd be AWESOME! He's such a freak (but in a good way)! Can you imagine what it'd be like to spend the day with Jose? We could spend the morning crank calling Madonna, the afternoon would be filled with stories about he and McGwire sticking things in their asses, and then an evening of bowling and babes! Oh, and should we even speculate on what the offspring of a Madonna/Canseco union would be? Get me a wife-beater and a tub of KFC!

Umpire ejects Blue Jays closer, Rays manager in wild 9th inning - Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports
Somebody should keep stats regarding arguments with umpires. If the Fangraphs revolutionaries did it, they'd probably find Angel Hernandez and Joe West are among the league leaders. Those guys always seem to get in the middle of shenanigans.

This is just fun...Gregg and home plate ump exchange words - Kevin Gregg and home plate umpire Angel Hernandez exchange words as Gregg is taken out, causing Hernandez to eject him. And then, Maddon is ejected arguing a strikeout call - Joe Maddon is ejected for arguing with the home plate umpire after he rules Carlos Pena struck out before calling for time. And finally Rodriguez clears the bags, Rays grab the lead - Sean Rodriguez lines a double into center field, clearing the bases and giving the Rays the two-run lead in the ninth inning. Okay, maybe the last part isn't so great, but the arguing is kinda cool.

Fine-tuning, healing in Japan turns Colby Lewis into ace - Yahoo! Sports
The Rangers chose him in the supplemental portion of the first round in 1999. By 2002, he was in the major leagues. Lewis owned a big fastball and a heavy curveball, and that was enough until his posterior labrum, rotator cuff and biceps tendon ripped apart in 2004. The Rangers’ team doctor gave him a 70 percent chance to pitch again. Lewis missed the rest of that season and all of 2005 after another surgery to remove scar tissue, and when he started pitching again, the fastball and curveball were neither big nor heavy.

Why isn't the Angels Japanese import not this heart-warming?

A's lineup needs more power - FOX Sports on MSN
They don’t. Of the 14 AL teams, 13 employ at least one player who has hit five home runs this season. And then there is Oakland. An odd statistic, I know. But it’s nothing compared with this: It is June 1, and the A’s are in first place. Maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised. Two rivals have been depleted by key injuries, and Oakland has been pitching like its neighbor across the bay. The A’s just took three of four from a good Detroit team. During their current 8-2 run, they have allowed one or zero runs six times.

"Smoke and mirrors". That's what the saber-world would be saying if it were the Angels doing this. Oh, and luck. Can't forget the luck.

June 2 - BR Bullpen
1925 - 21-year-old Lou Gehrig started a game for the New York Yankees when regular first baseman Wally Pipp was hit in the head during batting practice and complained of a headache. Gehrig collected three hits in five at-bats, helping the Yankees to an 8 - 5 victory over the Washington Senators. Gehrig will go on to play in a major league record 2,130 consecutive games.
1935: Babe Ruth of the Boston Braves announced his retirement from baseball. Struggling with a .181 batting average at the time, he retired with 714 home runs, by far the most in major league history. Ruth will gain election to the Hall of Fame the following year.
1941 - Lou Gehrig died of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis at the age of 37 in New York. From that time on, the illness was known primarily as Lou Gehrig's Disease. Gehrig had seen his major league record of 2,130 consecutive games end because of the disease. It was on this day exactly 16 years ago he broke into the Yankees starting line-up.

This whole thing kind of freaks me out. Gehrig starts his consecutive game streak, Babe Ruth retires, and then Gehrig dies all on the same date. Who says there's nothing "cosmic" about baseball?

Happy b-day:
1899 - Sloppy Thurston, pitcher (d. 1973) I think I knew his grand-daughter, Messy Lou Thurston.
1963 - Bryan Harvey, pitcher; All-Star

1941 - Lou Gehrig, infielder; All-Star, Hall of Famer (b. 1903)

Screw you, Kansas City bullpen:

Los Angeles Angels
Erick Aybar , SS 4 0 0 0 0 1 2 .238
Maicer Izturis , 3B 4 1 1 1 0 0 0 .238
Bobby Abreu , RF 4 0 1 0 0 0 0 .275
Torii Hunter , CF 4 0 1 0 0 2 1 .269
Hideki Matsui , DH 4 1 2 0 0 0 0 .235
Juan L. Rivera , LF 4 1 1 0 0 1 2 .228
Mike Napoli , C 4 0 0 1 0 2 3 .263
Howard Kendrick , 2B 2 0 1 1 1 1 0 .264
Robb Quinlan , 1B 3 0 0 0 0 1 2 .000
Totals 33 3 7 3 1 8 10
2B - H Matsui 2 (9)
HR - M Izturis (2)
RBI - M Izturis (12); M Napoli (20); H Kendrick (30)
SB - B Abreu (9)
Kansas City Royals
Scott Podsednik , LF 4 1 1 0 0 0 2 .294
Jason Kendall , C 4 1 1 0 0 0 2 .286
David DeJesus , RF 4 1 2 2 0 0 0 .294
Billy Butler , 1B 3 0 0 2 0 0 1 .337
Jose Guillen , DH 4 1 1 1 0 0 1 .250
Alberto Callaspo , 3B 4 0 1 0 0 1 0 .295
Mitch Maier , CF 3 0 0 0 0 1 1 .258
Yuniesky Betancourt , SS 3 1 2 0 0 0 0 .282
Chris Getz , 2B 3 1 2 1 0 0 0 .208
Totals 32 6 10 6 0 2 7
2B - J Kendall (11); C Getz (1)
3B - D DeJesus (3); Y Betancourt (1)
HR - J Guillen (12)
RBI - D DeJesus 2 (21); B Butler 2 (30); J Guillen (34); C Getz (7)
SF - B Butler (4)
Los Angeles Angels
Joel Pineiro (L,3-6) 8.0 10 6 6 0 2 1 5.16
Kansas City Royals
Brian Bannister (W,5-3) 5.1 7 3 3 1 3 1 4.73
Robinson Tejeda 1.2 0 0 0 0 2 0 4.39
Blake Wood 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0.84
Joakim Soria (S,13) 1.0 0 0 0 0 2 0 2.61
Game Information
Attendance - 15139
Game Time - 2:14
Temperature - 89
Umpires - Home - Mike Winters, First Base - Hunter Wendelstedt, Second Base - Mike Estabrook, Third Base - Brian Runge