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Angels Wrigley Field Adventure Gets Tense

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Final Score in Chicago: Cubs 12, Angels 1 ...

Pitcher Joe Saunders had a bad luck first inning, but it was but the scratch that led to the bloodgusher as nothing went right for him or the Angels. When Angels fielding wasn't allowing runners to get on base or advance without any threat, the Angels' offense decided to rhyme with "Saunders" and squandered 5 leadoff men getting on base in consecutive innings.

The disaster was completed even to the point of bringing in Brian Fuentes to get some work in in the 9th inning of a 9-1 game only made it an ERA blowout for the "on-the-bubble" Angels closer as he gave up 3 earned runs in 2/3 of an inning pitched.

Meanwhile Brandon Wood regressed in the field to the point where one could safely say the Angels sincerely missed Erick Aybar for the first time since his knee injury on Monday.