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Some Recent Angels Milestones


This weekend, Juan Rivera became the 35th Angel to record his 2,000th Plate Appearance for the club. 2000 PA ties him with Scott Spiezio.

Also tying a Speez mark is Howie Kendrick, who now has 110 doubles as an Angel. Spiezio did it in 2000 PA, Howie has hit the mark in 1,688 Plate Appearances. When Howie hits his 111th, he will have sole possession of 21st place in franchise history. Buck Rodgers is next at 20th place and 114 doubles.

Juan Rivera now has 318 RBI as an Angel, tying Bob Boone for 19th place in franchise history.

Jered Weaver's win on Saturday was his 58th career victory, all as an Angel. His next Win will put him in a 3-way tie for 12th place in Wins as an Angels pitcher. Andy Messersmith and Ramon Ortiz share that mark. Joe Saunders had a chance to move into 15th place with what would have been his 54th Win as an Angel. His next win (assuming there ever is one as an Angel, wow was he underwhelming Sunday or what?) will tie him with Jim Abbott and George Brunett for 15th most Wins as an Angels pitcher.

Despite Joe's short outing, moves 1/3 of an inning ahead of Kelvim Escobar for 25th place in P as an Angel. Despite Joe's gaudy win totals and an All Star appearance, Escobar was the superior pitcher over his 658 Innings Pitched.