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Vin Scully: Dumping Mike Scioscia a Dodgers Mistake for the Ages

Dodgers announcer Vin Scully is the unparalleled icon of sports broadcasting.

Like Fellini, he gave Jeff Biggs and Jason Brennan of AM-830 8-1/2 minutes yesterday on the Angels pregame show and, as the master is prone to do, packed in more information in that time than another interview subject would give you in an hour. In the audio link below, he speaks about sharing the Angel Stadium All-Star Game microphone in 1989 with Ronald Reagan, recalls Orlando Cabrera punking the Dodgers with a steal of home and waxes reverently about the untimely passings of Rory Markas and Jose Lima.

To feed an Angels fan hunger, Vin indulges us with his list of the three biggest mistakes in Dodgers history:

  1. Losing Roberto Clemente as a minor leaguer.
  2. Firing Mike Scioscia after a year of managing their AAA Team.
  3. Dropping the ball on signing Vladimir Guerrero in 2004 as the Dodger franchise transitioned to new ownership.


As always thanks to J. Biggs and J. Brennan and J. Blunt at KLAA.