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Dodgers Dim Angels Light (Fixtures)

Final Score in Anaheim: Dodgers More Angels Less

Final Score in Confederate Territory: Pittsburgh Pirates Less Cocaine Cakewalkers More

Hey, I got an idea.

Let's have a 4 hour baseball game.

And it will be a blowout at some point.

Maybe unplug some lights

So the there is a delay of 18 minutes

Meanwhile, down in the Confederate States

The Washington Cocaine Cakewalkers of Arlington

Broom-Beat on a Double A team from Pittsburgh

And you can only laugh at the fact that

The coke-snorting cake factory is being handed

the easiest schedule in baseball history

and trip over themselves when offered the chance

to walk away with this division.

they should be up by ten games.

Mike Scioscia eats 4 and a half game leads as an appetizer before lunch.

Lunch at a restaurant where Ron Washington's coke whores never visit.

This game wrap can be sung to the tune of that one song, you know the one, not their big hit, the one that they used in the movie.

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