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Angels Pen Fails Jered Weaver Again

Final Score in Anaheim: Rockies 4, Angels 3 (in 11 innings)

Jered Weaver had 11 strikeouts and the lead but the bullpen assembled for millions choked. While Darren Oliver makes $4 million this season as a nails arm in the pen of the Texas Cakewalkers defeat AA teams while his manager is doing lines of cocaine, Fernando Rodney gives up a run late in a winnable game in front of his sober manager for over $10 million this season and next. While Francisco Rodriguez is helping the Mets hang on in the NL East, Francisco Rodriguez is proving to be a rookie the league has caught up to.

The Angels bats were not exactly silent, but a little ore life might have gone a long way. For some reason, Mike Scioscia left Hideki Matsui on the bench with runners on 1st and 3rd and 2 outs in the bottom of the 11th. With the Angels down by a run, he put the entire game into the hands of Jeff Mathis.

And for the fourth time this season, a depressing series of decisions costs Ace Weaver the win.

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