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Brandon Wood Rises to Slam Rockies in Angels Win

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 10, Rockies 3

Ervin Santana struck out 7 National Leaguers, Mike Napoli hit a go ahead 3-Run HR and Brandon Wood hit an insurance Grand Slam in the bottom of the 8th as the Angels broke open an interleague battle of the K-Arms.

Colorado starter Jhoulys Chacin pitched like Julius Caesar, striking out 12 Angels in just 6 innings pitched, but took a hard luck loss like the Carthage Rockies suffered in my sophomore history class. The Colorado Rockies bullpen hemhorraged 5 late runs, something Angels fans can relate to, but Ervin had the Magic and avoided the long ball after surrendering a solo homer in the first. Chacin's mistake pitch to Napoli came after a mistake in the field by Ian Stewart allowed Juan Rivera to extend the inning.

The sunburned crowd got a late celebration when a IBB to Mike Napoli led to a Jeff Mathis strikeout instead of a groundball out. That allowed Wood to unleash on the first pitch with the bases loaded to give some hot chick in the outfield seats a souvenir.

What idiot on earth believes that the Angels would dare trade Mike Napoli besides Mark Suxon on BSPN-LA and Fox's Ken Robothal both trolling for gooogle search hits implying that the Angels would trade Napster for a 1B bat. Right. Enjoy the traffic, fellas, SBN-LA premieres Tuesday to crush you like cockroaches.