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Games + Week 12 Results

Hi everyone, sorry for the big lag of results. I'll try to keep it up this coming week... but first of all here are this week's results:

6/24 (Thu) Total # of doubles hit in game, both teams
6/25 (Fri) Rockies Starting Pitcher total # of BB allowed in game
6/26 (Sat) # of HR in game, total, both teams
(Today's results can be found in today's postgame thread)

== Week 12 ==

Big Game Hunter, socalnative, stuck in Romania were able to get a weekly best 3/6 predictions correctly. bc56274 manages to bank just a smidge over 100M points, while Los Angeles de Anaheim has lost 13M points.

Top 5 are:

halo84653 157357065
bc56274 148289715
vladtheimpaler 49152000
44FAN 13185000
stuck in Romania 11579908


As always these results are up to yesterday, so today's games are not reflected in these totals. If you want to see your current total, check out today's postgame thread (or click the link after the jump)


Today's (6/27) Results