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Vlad Carries Post-Cakewalk Rangers over Angels

Final Score in Anaheim: Texas Rangers 6 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 4

After looking like a team for the ages against Houston and Pittsburgh, the Rangers were falling to earth with a thud before a pick-me-up Wednesday night by their late offseason afterthought signing of Vladimir Guerrero.

This season, the Rangers have been pathetic against teams above .500, but the hot Vlad bat (the one that Ron Washington wanted less than another toot of nose candy in January) was too bent on revenge against his former team... the one he did not work out hard for this offseason and, once scorned, had to pull back his demands to play in the field.

So the Angels would have never gotten the Vlad that the Cocaine Cakewalk of Arlington had fall into their lap. A 4.5 game deficit that the Angels are in will evaporate when the Texas heat, the unforgiving road and a steady diet of actual major league pitching from good and great teams befuddles the Human Trafficker Tolerators of Texas.

Mike Scioscia is now 101 - 86 over the former expansion Washington Senators with 15 games left against them in this, his 11th season at the helm of the Halos. Vlad Guerrero has driven in 8 of the 11 runs the Rangers have scored in the first two games of this three game series.