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Week 09 Results

Yeah, it's late, but hey here it is anyway.

Week 09 featured an impressive showing by BP Scanner getting 6 / 7 questions correct this week. And of course with no surprise Los Angeles De Anaheim earns the most points, about 52 Million. We're now at 5 people who have broken the 10 Million mark! Impressive Impressive.

These 5 who have breached the 10M mark are also our top 5:

Los Angeles de Anaheim 60077760
halo84653 43357080
vladtheimpaler 16402000
bc56274 16389720
44FAN 15097000

Woohoo. Don't forget to make your picks! Every day before a game you can go here and do 'em!
And be careful not to mix up the 'Your Answer' and 'Your Bet' field!