The Angelsare now 31-28, 3 games above .500 for the first time all season. They have still been outscored by 6 runs on the season, 280 to 286 (don't worry, our next opponent has been outscored by 14). Every stat head knows that Pythagorean record is more important than wins on the field, but the Angels have shown quite a bit of improvement lately. Heading into Seattle, they had been outscored 253-279, for a Pythagorean record of 25-31.

After beating up on the Mariners, 27-7, the Angels' Pythagorean record stands at 29-30. So in other words, how good was the latest 3 game sweep? It was worth FOUR wins, and actually erased one from the loss column. That is good.

The way to post a good Pythagorean record is to beat up on your opponent's bullpen WITHOUT MERCY. Compare this to the last two years, where the Angels refused to beat clubs when they were down, they preferred to keep things close to pad the save totals of Francisco Rodriguez the first and then Brian Fuentes. Saves are overrated. No more mercy. Lets keep showing other teams the beat-down.

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