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Joe Saunders 7-Hit CG Beats A's

Final Score in Oakland: Angels 7, Athletics 1 ... Erick Aybar had 4 hits and 2 RBI, Juan Rivera also had a solo HR and another RBI on a clutch single when the game was close and Torii Hunter went 3 for 5 and got the scoring started with a bases loaded single in the 3rd inning. But the big story for the Angels was Joe Saunders. The Angels lefty allowed 7 hits in 9 strong innings. The reigning king of pitch to contact had 2 strikeouts in the game.

Saunders had to walk across Dallas Braden's mound in Oakland to do it, but that was no contest as the formerly perfect pitcher gassed out earl, throwing 92 pitches without getting out of the 6th inning. Saundo allowed 1 run in the 9th inning and ended the game with a ground out on his 101st pitch of the game.

Looming Questions:

  • Is Hokie Joe the Elephant Killer in the Angels rotation? He had a complete game shutout in Anaheim in May over these same A's.
  • Did one game of batting 9th stoke some sort of Jedi need to return with a vengeance in Erick Aybar? He is 9 for 17 form the lead-off spot since returning from his demotion in Seattle.
  • Is a rested bullpen from tonight going to be an advantage with Ervin Santana going tomorrow afternoon?


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