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Jered Weaver Stomps a Texas 2-Step 2-Hitter

Final Score in Anaheim: Rangers 1, Angels 2

Two Angels scored from 1B on doubles but no Rangers scored on passed ball opportunities handed to them on a silver platter and Jered Weaver's 7-inning 2-hitter was a Tube Steak Boogie to his 8th win.

Brian Fuentes pitched a 1-2-3 9th inning for the Save after Fernando Rodney threw 34 pitches in a wild 8th inning that saw the Rangers score a runs and load the bases, but Ranger Boy himself, Michael Young was too cowardly to try to score from 3B on a high wild pitch. Choooooke!

The umpires conspired along with MLB's cakewalk interleague schedule for the Rangers by calling a vicinity play safe on a relay throw to Howie Kendrick at 2B. It did not cost the Angels in the end... in fact with an IBB to Josh Hamilton following the suspiciously conspiratorial call, the Angels ended Tattoo McCrackhead's hitting streak at 23 games. Boo Hoo.