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Angels Melt Down As Kaz-Nobyl Goes Critical

Final Score in Oakland: A's 15, Angels 1

By the time it was over, only a smoldering hole was left on the mound where Scott Kazmir had been. The (very) former Rays' ace allowed 8 runs in a third-inning detonation, along with 13 earned runs in a total of 5 innings pitched. He was not aided by a number of circus acts in the outfield and a bad call at the plate, but the Kazmir of old made defense and officiating irrelevant with his gaudy strikeout rates. Quoth the grand slam to Rajai Davis (you read that right, Rajai frickin' Davis): "Never more." Kazmir appears to be washed up at only 26 years old, and unless he goes on the DL with an "injury," both he and the $18 million remaining on his contract may soon be forfeit.

The Angels offense was nearly as inept as the defense, mustering only six base runners against the worst pitching Oakland has to offer. Brandon Wood scored the lone Angel run on a triple by Cory Aldrige--his first major-league hit. The event gave the 31 year-old replacement player a highlight before his inevitable minor-league re-assignment. The entire AAA wrecking crew made an appearance tonight--Aldridge, Paul McAnulty, Brandon Wood, Jeff Mathis, Reggie Willits, and even Bobby Wilson--giving hope that the 43-47 Salt Lake Bees may yet turn their season around once the big-league club tires of them.


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