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Week 14 Results + First Half Results!! (Update Available)

An Error was found in this entry. The update can be found in the entry on 7/13 @ 10.30pm.


Well, that's the end of the 'first half'! As we enter the all star stretch, we can call the slightly-longer-than-the-actual-real first half now over! The Angels have played 91 games and are at a 47-44 record, trailing 4.5 games behind the leader Texas Rangers.

Of course, throughout the first half you, the fans, have also been playing along. Wagering points on various questions to try and reach the top of our own leaderboard. Some have been more successful than others, but hey... here, I'm giving out awards to those who suffered the most as well! So let's begin breaking down what happened this week first before getting into the awards.

[Week 14] * Note, unlike the normal circumstances, this INCLUDES Sunday's game! *
V-Hawk Angelorum and Zookeeper were the most accurate this week by correctly prognosticating 5 / 8 games.
Unsurprisingly halo84653 and bc56274 gained the most points this week at about 180M and 165M respectively. Stuck in Romania unfortunately took the biggest hit, losing about 6.5M

Now! To see how the first half results went, go ahead and click the jump and see.

Who got the most correct predictions?

teopeht 36
halo84653 35
adirondackangelfan 33
vladtheimpaler 33

Congrats to teopeht for hitting a HH high 36 correct predictions! Nicely done!

Who didn't do so well in this game?

Downing Rules 67
garretsglove 63
Epic Dean 62
im4kiss 62

Erf, well, good for you for keeping with it Downing Rules (fwiw, he did get 12 right!)

Who paticipated the most?

44FAN (27)
blast21dave (38)
Epic Dean (85)
tanana40 (5)

Unfortunately that's not a perfect record... as there were 91 games to be played. (Parenthesized number is the game # missed) But hey, thanks for continuing to play the game religiously as possible! Hats off to you.

Who had the best PAA? Your Picks Accuracy Average!

A minimum 75% participation (68 games) is required to be eligible for this award!

V-Hawk Angelorum .443   
halo84653 .412   
teopeht .404   
stuck in Romania .397   
joeyz34 .380   

Impressively done V-Hawk, i'm sure this week's results helped you to catapult into first place!


Your top 10 by score:

halo84653 479900000
bc56274 289293715
vladtheimpaler 184000000
44FAN 25754000
stuck in Romania 24028565
ReggieBullits 19934588
Brew Angel 4204200
blast21dave 3899493
The Furious Bat of Howie47 3326802
Andyman 2850140

Yes, without surprise halo84653 is still on top at the end of the first half. So close to breaking the 500M barrier!

Well, thanks again to everyone for sticking with the pregame picks for the first half. The games will of course continue after the All Star break!! So continue playing the games as the second half of the pregame picks season will start up as soon as the Angels do!