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Fixes to Week 14 / First Half Results!

Ah! Thanks to Halo84653, an error was found in the last weeks results!! It seems that the second sunday wiped out the first sunday and duplicated the results. Therefore the scores you might've seen were just slightly off if you happened to play on either Sunday. So, lets fix that.

[Week 14 FIXED]
No-one got 5/8 correct, instead 44FAN, halofan1, im4kiss, raadadd, sac_halo, V-Hawk Angelorum, Zookeeper tie for the top at 4.

Biggest winners and losers stay the same (though by how much fluctuated a bit)

halo84653 joins teopeht with the most amount of correct picks (36).
vladtheimpaler moves up to 3rd alone (33), and adirondackangelfan, Big Game Hunter, Chone's Chonies take 4th with 32.

Downing Rules stays on top of most incorrect picks (66).
Followed by garretsglove (62); and Epic Dean, im4kiss, tanana40 at 61.

Most played does not change with 44FAN, blast21dave, Epic Dean, tanana40 staying at 90 games played.

Picking Accuracy shifts a bit, looking like this now:

V-Hawk Angelorum .435 69
halo84653 .424 85
teopeht .404 89
stuck in Romania .397 78
rspencer .392 79

rspencer slips past joeyz34 to take the 5th spot.

The top 10 points are unchanged (since this actually went to each game and picked up the score that way, so no mistakes on this side). So, take a look here and bask in halo84653's greatness.