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Clutch Erick Aybar, Bobby Abreu Hits Bury Mariners

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 8, Mariners 3

They don't look a thing like Brian McCann, but the results were the same for Erick Aybar and Bobby Abreu on Thursday at Angel Stadium as they were for the All Star Game MVP there on Tuesday. 3 ribbys each on clutch hits by two guys that the Angels will require to produce to have a chance in the AL West this season.

You have to wonder about the level of competition in the Mariners when Extra-Large Paul McAnulty beats out an infield bouncer for a hit. Are the Mariners already going through the motions... or perhaps they love us and are saving their effort for when they play the Rangers. That would be nice. McAnulty's jellyrolls legging out a single was one highlight and 3B Kevin Frandsen making a web-jam© catch by jumping what appeared to be ten feet off the ground to snare a Mariner liner was another.

All-Star Torii Hunter hosted the game by not doing anything. Remember that guy Jeff Mathis, yes, he is still on the Angels and he had two no wow THREE hits in the game. His 4th double of the season yielded his 9th RBI of 2010.

Oh and Joel Pineiro pitched pretty good. If Quality Starts were a million bucks, he would have made a million bucks tonight, but at the rate he is pitching they will actually be paying Joel LESS than a million bucks per quality start this season.

8 runs, 16 hits... a month and a day early for Madonna's birthday!



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