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Jeff Mathis Goes Gutless in Angels Loss

Final Score in Anaheim: Mariners 2, Angels 1 in 10 innings ...

What a game for the pathetic failed prospect known as Jeff Mathis. Once one of many overhyped Angels minor leaguers to give fanboys of Anaheim dreams of glory the already washed up Mathis gave up the game Sunday afternoon and cost the Angels a game in the standings in the process.

The Mariners scored a run in regulation because Mathis could not handle a pitch in the dirt from Ervin Santana. Mathis is behind the plate for his defense. The gutless wonder lollygagged a toss to his pitcher with a close slide at the plate by just another Mariners minor leaguer playing in the big leagues for the Pac-Nor-West 4-A franchise.

Meanwhile Bengie Molina hit for the cycle on Saturday but the fanboys still want Troy Glaus back after Dallas McPherson dashed their dreams. Seeing as many internet shut-ins are the size of Bengie Molina, the self-loathing is projected his way I guess. Meanwhile ugly Mathis is lost at the plate, lost behind the plate and, well, when you look at him... he kinda looks like the guy bumming change at the Shell station on Katella pretending he is waiting for the westbound bus until he sees you walk out of the convenience store dumping that 85 cents change in your pocket. And he is so afraid of being busted by the Shell rent-a-cop he could not throw at a baserunner if his pocket of change depended on it. The Mariners ran on him faster than a Mission Viejo soccer mom gets back in the minivan when the bus-stop bum comes a change-jinglin' at pump number 2...

Jeffo Banjo Bum could not bunt late in the game when the Angels needed him most and the stain of his karma on the team was removed momentarily when Paul McAnulty batted for him in the 10th and drew a walk. But David Aardsma struck out Erick Aybar and Howie Kendrick with the tying and winning runs on base and that 4 and a half game deficit was back pretty quick.

And Bobby Abreu is a choker and Kevin Jepsen is not the answer to this team's problems.