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Angels GM Tony Reagins: Napoli Speculation Just That

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A great interview from Thursday's Angels Warmup of GM Tony Reagins, interviewed by Jeff Biggs.

Tony Reagins was quite clear about embracing the wealth of talented catchers that the Angels have. Mike Napoli rumors and speculation in the media is just that: rumors and speculation. "Most of what you read is far from the truth!" I guess that little birdy out there in Angels blog land did not talk to Tony before twerping to the twerp. On Brandon Wood: Tony observes that his batting practice sessions have been going great. Reagins does not rule out a rental player, "We are going to look to improve." TONY REAGINS AUDIO

Also here is some audio of Mike Scioscia discussing the eye injury to Juan Rivera: MIKE SCIOSCIA AUDIO

Thanks to Jeff Biggs, Jason Brennan and Jeané Blunt at AM-830.

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