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Maicer Izturis Opens Angels Floodgates at Yankee Stadium

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Final Score in the Bronx: Angels 10, Yankees 2

All-Star Yankee pitcher Phil Hughes must have developed a taste for citrus while he was in California for the All Star Game, because he sure served up grapefruits all night. In his first game back from more than a month on the disabled list, Maicer Izturis broke a 2-2 tie with a 2-run HR. Yes, you are reading that right, little Maicer Izturis slapped the face of New Jersey with a bomb to destroy Garden State Yankees.

Mike Napoli added a 2-Run blast 2 innings later and Hideki Matsui hit a 2-run HR the following inning to add insurance to a game that seemed to be out of control early against the Angels. Izturis finished the night with 3 RBI.

Emergency starter Sean O'Sullivan, filling in for the injured and incompetent Scott Kazmir, had a 26pitch, 2-run, 1 BB, 2 hit first inning, but settled down and finished with no more damage in 6 IP, striking out 4. After the 1st, O'Sullivan walked 2 Yankees but allowed no more hits. It was O'Sullivan's first start of 2010 after an earlier callup this year for the bullpen. This was his first start against the Yankees in his career.

I am still pinching myself from this dream of a game and am awaiting Leonardo DiCaprio to enter the house here soon and ask me where the safe with all my money is. Right team, wrong dream, Leo!


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