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Just Another Halo One-Run Loss To The Rangers

Jered Weaver, with murder glinting in his glaring eyes, attempts to incapacitate home-plate umpire Brian Knight with a hardball to the noggin.
Jered Weaver, with murder glinting in his glaring eyes, attempts to incapacitate home-plate umpire Brian Knight with a hardball to the noggin.

Hey, we can wear red too! said the team currently being sold to the highest bidder. The Walker, Texas Rangers just may just imitate themselves into their first AL West title since the last Ice Age.

With their meager playoff hopes almost literally dangling by a thread in Arlington this weekend, the Angels stumbled through yet another near miss against the Texas Rangers. Jered Weaver pitched six moderately effective, if inefficient innings, although he was consistently jobbed by home plate umpire Brian Knight on inside pitches to left-handed batters. Cliff Lee on the other hand didn't even break a sweat over 8 1/3 sleepy innings, effortlessly dangling pitches low and outside to Abreu and Matsui for called strikes.

But the Angels' unmaking was ultimately their own doing. A lolly-gagging Bobby Abreu allowed Vladimir Guerrero--yes, the Vlad Guerrero who could barely move last September--to leg out a double on a sharp ground ball in the decisive sixth inning. He later scored on a double by Josh Hamilton, breaking a 1-1 tie. Hamilton also scored after Howie Kendrick prolonged the inning by failing to make an admittedly non-routine play on Nelson Cruz. Mike Napoli provided a brief glimmer of hope in the seventh with a solo home run, but he would be the last Angel base runner.

The Angels made the most talked about move of the off-season today, but unfortunately their new monster-hitting utility fielder couldn't make it to the ballpark in time to bail out the Angels' mediocre lineup. Cliff Lee should count himself lucky, because Alberto Callaspo would probably have hit 4 homers, driven in 19 runs, and pitched 17 scoreless innings all while showing off his glove in right-field, at third base, and behind the plate.


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