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Week 15 Results!

Welcome to the SECOND SEASON of the Pregame Picks. (Click if you haven't joined in yet!)

Yes, if you're joining in late, the first half results have been written into the record books and have been wiped clean*.
From Game 92 and beyond, we begin from 10,000. All players have been given 10K points to play with and hopefully do something nice with it!


So, how did this first week of games look like? Let's take a look (keeping in mind the games that took place during the week of the All Star Game (92-94) have been mashed into this week as well!

Week 15 here! vladtheimpaler doesn't seem to care about the reset as he earns the most points this week! As a result, he also tops the "TOP 5 chart:"

vladtheimpaler 265500
halo84653 250000
socalnative 235000
scottnak 150000
red floyd 133000

Also, lets give a hand to red floyd for getting 7 / 9 predictions correct this week. Very impressive work!

Now go make your picks if you haven't done so yet! Today's question?


The # of hits in the first inning, total, both teams

Make your picks now!

(If you see anything in error, please make sure to comment below! A few tweaks were required in the program to spit everything out for the new half, so ... just want extra eyes to make sure everything is coming out OK!)


* Of course, there will be an 'overall stats' result at the end of the season. Where we compare total games won, total games lost, total games played, and total picks accuracy average! (We could compare total score, but I doubt that the second half will make a dent into the first half...)