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Dear AL Central, Could I Interest You In A Future Batting Title?

I couldn't help but notice that the Twins, Tigers, and White Sox are within two games of one another in the American League Central, and they could all use a second baseman. The Angels' acquisition of yet another middle infielder, Alberto Callaspo, was puzzling, except for this possibility: Tony Reagins might anticipate trading Howie Kendrick. With Callaspo, Izturis, and Aybar all under control through 2012, Howie is, frankly, expendable. His stock isn't as high as it could be, but the price may have risen anyways.

This week Orlando Hudson and Carlos Guillen both went down with injuries, leaving the Twins and Tigers with suckmaster Alexi Casilla and some dude named WIll Rhymes (any relation to Busta?) playing up the middle. Meanwhile, the White Sox must have just about had it with Gordon Beckham and his .632 OPS. Kendrick would be an instant and cost-effective upgrade over any of these bums, with potential upside for the two additional seasons he remains under team control. And if there's anything scouts love, it's potential upside.

What should the Angels ask for in return? I don't know any of these teams' farm systems in detail, but if I'm Tony Reagins, I have to be thinking about rebuilding the bullpen. Also keep in mind that while the proverbial iron may be at its hottest now, the Angels don't need to pull the trigger right away. The opportunity will still exist during the off-season, and Howie might yet build value in the second half.