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Win Sunday Angels Game Tix Contest

UPDATE: Carl Johnson And Halo84653 won. Guys, email me.

We got two tickets for the first person who can answer these FIVE trvia questions correctly in this thread. We also have two tickets to Sunday's game for the runner up. (these are very good seats)

Please do NOT answer in the thread if you cannot go to Sunday's game - seriously, a bannable offense Mister Jeopardy, be cool. On your mark... get set... go:


  1. Who played in the most games combined for the Angels and Diamondbacks?
  2. Name the only two players whose complete major league career has been limited to The Angels and Diamondbacks
  3. Name the most recent Angel player born in Nevada to make an appearance with the team
  4. Who is the youngest person to ever appear in a game for the Angels?
  5. Who was the oldest player on the 2002 Angels who appeared in a major league game in 2005?

Tie Breaker: Name the song that was Troy Percival's entrance music during the 2002 season. HINT: It was not Sandfrog.

If you win, I will notify you by the email your account is registered at by tomorrow morning.