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Angels Stand Still at Trade Deadline ...Thread

I have it on good authority that Dylan Hernandez of the LA TIMES is a liar. My sources close to the Angels vehemently insist that they team never had any interest in acquiring Manny Ramirez from the Dodgers. Dylan Hernandez knew he was reporting a fabrication from a magic secret source and he published it to annoy the Angels for not giving him any tidbits near the trade deadline and to reinforce his credibility as being near "big stories." I am calling him out because bloggers get stereotyped as being unprofessional and here is an example of a mainstream reporter LYING in order to get attention and build his brand. Hey Dylan Hernandez, to quote another Dylan, when it comes to your old school media circlejerk masquerading as "insider reporting" hey: the times they are a changin' ... the blogs are riding your ass.

More Trade Deadline wrapup at MLB DAILY DISH and the SBNation MLB page. The Angels did nothing.