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Dan Haren CG L Keeps Hope (for 2011) Alive

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 1, Rangers 2

Dan Haren reminds Angels fans to purchase sunglasses before next April: The Future's so bright, we gotta wear shades.

To live in the present, though is to acknowledge a garbage offense of Disneyland. Yuck.

One pitch to Vladimir Guerrero was the difference. It went to his knees and was sent over the fence. Rich Harden looked great but against this offense, Texas cokesnorter Ron Washington could have pitched a quality start. Howie Kendrick hit a solo HR to dead center, but that was not enough.

Torii Hunter went 0-4, Maicer Izturis went 0-4 and Juan Rivera went 0-4. And it is not like anyone else in the lineup was about to breakout... well Mike Napoli did have a double down the line but, frnakly, the only good to come out of the offense tonight was the overconfidence it will give the Texas Coacaine Cowboys in Harden's pitching.


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