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Should Angels Punish Yankees for Weaver Snub?

Joe Girardi snubbed Jered Weaver and neither forgiveness nor forgetfulness is at hand. At SBNLA this week I wrote up an argument as to why Weaver should be starting the game for the American League, so obvious was the assumption that he should be included on the roster. Today's disheartening snub is another low point in an unraveling Angels season of miscues and insurmountable phantasms.


SO WE STRIKE BACK... Here is the plan:

The Angels have 6 games left with the Red Sox and 6 games left with the Rays. If the Angels are out of contention, they should phone-in these games. Boston and Tampa need every bit of help in the American League East and Mike Scioscia needs to hand them a "Get Out of Anaheim Free" card.

The Angels have two games remaining with the Yankees. They should play those two like they are for the AL pennant and then sell high at the trade deadline: Fernando Rodney is more than just a rental, Joel Pineiro is signed through next year and will bring top prospects. Bobby Abreu might be tempted to set aside any bad feelings and play in a pennant chase. Joe Saunders is about to get expensive, the farm system could bloom with what a contender brings.

The 2010 season has seen every two weeks bringing another punch to the gut of the Angels. It is time to punch back. Our first of 12 games with the Rays and Red Sox is July 26. If we are flailing helplessly against teams like Milwaukee and Kansas City (and we are), at some point, a focus on rebuilding must enter the conversation.