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Scott Kazmir Sinks Angels Hopes Yet Again

Final Score in Chicago: Angels 2, White Sox 9

The Angels expensive lefty Scott Kazmir teetered on the brink of being labeled permanently gutless as he hung flat sliders on perfect tees for hungry White Sox hitters eager to please a holiday crowd desperate to be kept from thinking of their putrid bankrupt state of Illin'-Noise. Human cancer A.J. Pierzynski asked for an appeal from the cornerbase umpire on every batter and was cheered for his efforts by the pudgy Ditka-clone crowd in Cookie Cutter Cellular Park.

Despite the attempts to give the game away by stoneless Kaz, the Angels actually brought the tying run to the on-deck circle in the 8th inning ina 7-2 ball game but pinch hitter Mike Napoli struck out swinging to end the only threat of the game.


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