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Muddy Night Baseball Sees Angels Lose Ground

Final Score in Chicago: White Sox 4, Angels 1

On the night that his All Star chances increased, Jered Weaver battled with a slickened pitching mound, terrible outfielding and no offensive support. Oh yeah, and the Chicago White Sox, the most boring delivery of bandbox lumber in the history of Illinois firewood.


  • A two hour rain delay.
  • Jake Peavy exits early with an arm injury and the Angels cannot do squat against a pitcher whose ERA is higher than Albert Einstein's IQ.
  • The White Sox hit two solo homers, one by legitimate stud Alex Rios, the other by overweight has-been Andruw Jones.
  • The Angels grounded into two inning-ending double play.
  • Alleged All Star Torii Hunter had three hits, but he missed two easy fly balls and was picked off the basepaths Peavy to 2B, and when it mattered, he stranded two baserunners to end the 8th inning where a hit would have really helped.
  • Juan Rivera returned from an eye injury and looked like a starving blind man chasing freshly baked bread down a Parisian alley whenever he went after balls. Why the team trainers did not fit Johnny Rivers with a pirate patch is inexplicable in these fashionably ironic times in which we live.

The Angels are now 4.5 Games behind the Texas Rangers in the American League West.

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