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Cliff Lee to the Rangers: What Does it Mean for us?

This is cause for me to use my monthly obscenity.  But I'll save it for a bit.  The Rangers trade Justin Smoak and prospects for Cliff Lee, who right now is probably the best pitcher in the league.  Baseball Prospectus playoff odds give us only a 10% chance of winning the division this year.  Our team has quite a few flaws:

People on base: this is a problem on both sides of the field.  Through hits, walks, and hit by pitch, we have put 1053 men on base.  Because of pitchers (mostly in the bullpen) who can't throw strikes, and fielders who lack range, we have allowed 1132.

Our catchers can't throw anybody out.

Our baserunners get thrown out by everyone.

Scott Kazmir pitches every 5th day.

The greatest hitter in team history is playing for the team we are trying to catch.

The Rangers have strong middle of the order hitters, 3 good tablesetters at the top of the order, a flamethrowing phenom closing games in the bullpen, Cliff Lee in the rotation, and a 5 1/2 game lead.

There is only one thing we can do, to paraphrase the great catcher Jake Taylor:

Let's go win the fucking division anyway.