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Rangers Bullpen Won't Survive Season

In case you did not hear, the Rangers blew a 6-2 lead with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th by allowing Corey Patterson to hit his first career grand slam (off of Neftali Feliz) to tie it and won it with a Jake Fox solo homer in the 10th. Thank you, Baltimore! I'm laughing at all of Rick Dempsey's postgame quips on DirecTV more than I would Leno, that is for sure.

The Achilles heel of the Rangers is the gassed bullpen. Can Cliff Lee pitch 15 Complete Games and give them a rest? Can Ron Washington lay off the nose candy enough to not impulsively walk to the mound just to step on the white lines? That bullpen in Arlington might make the Rangers season look like this stick market failure of a chart, a rollercoaster with all downslide after the All Star Break...