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Jered Weaver Bests Cliff Lee

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 4, Rangers 1

Jered Weaver threw 115 pitches, four Angel batters had a ribby and an umpire not genuflecting in Cliff Lee worship took away about three inches off the corner that the Texas ace is used to having gifted his way. Such brutal honesty of a strike zone forced a few fat pitches to come our way and the Angel bats made the best of the real pitching.

Ranger Josh Hamilton pinch it and drew a walk but his patella tendinitis, coupled with Vladimir Guerrero's slump and Nelson Cruz returning to Earth has to make a panic strike deep in the heart of Texas as the Rangers have almost no wiggle room and messed up the locker room chemistry with so many July add-ons that guys in the clubhouse might mistake their new teammates for the kid who gets everyone coffee.

The Angels still have seven games left with the Rangers, all of which occur in the final 13 games of the year. Fasten your seatbelts, we got a pair of aces, Ervin's VooDoo, smoke and mirrors as a rotation. The bats may find a groove yet and the defense is much improved. What else do you want? Wins please.


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