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Week 16 Pregame Picks Results!

Welcome to the 16th week, or I guess we can call it Season 2, Week 2.

If you're joining the party late, your Season 1 scores (games up to the All star game) have been archived and wiped. We've started back at 10K points and begin the trek once again. This week was a tough one indeed:

Game 101 (2X) - 21/64 (0.328)
Game 102 (2X) -  3/57 (0.053)
Game 103 (4X) -  0/55 (0.000)
Game 104 (2X) -  0/33 (0.000)
Game 105 (3X) -  4/43 (0.093)
Game 106 (3X) -  1/57 (0.018)
THIS WEEK - 29/309 (0.094)

And in fact only 6 people were positive for the week. That's quite a rare sight indeed.

Chone's Chonies excelled this week by getting the max of 2 picks correct this week (and unsurprisingly made the most this week as well)

The Top5 looks like this:

halo84653 138000
vladtheimpaler 130000
scottnak 110000
socalnative 105000
red floyd 93000


For the rest of the details check here.
Keep the guesses coming! Woo


* These results do NOT include today's game
* I'll may not be able to access the internets for the upcoming weekend. So, keep that in mind for the near future if the updates aren't coming as they should (beyond what it's been lately)