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Mr. Unpronouncable 3-Hits Angels

Does this image remind you of that painting<em> "<a href="">Aristotle with a Bust of Homer</a>"</em> ? Me Neither.
Does this image remind you of that painting "Aristotle with a Bust of Homer" ? Me Neither.

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 0, Toronto Blue Jays 3

When the Angels players get up tomorrow and brush their teeth and rinse, they will gargle. At that moment they will pronounce the name of the pitcher who three-hit them Friday night in Anaheim. No matter how many of them choke on that mouthful of Listerine, it will not exceed how many of them did so on the field tonight.

Silver Linings Department: Scott Kazmir did great. Extended Spring Training for 2011 tonight did him a world of good, confidence wise.

Insult to Injury Department: Kevin Gregg got the save, his 26th of the season.


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