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Angels Win Hideki Matsui 4 for 4

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 7 Blue Jays 2

The Angels are closing in on the Texas Rangers and a healthy, hungry and hitting Hideki Matsui is the key to catching the cocaine cowboys as their offense wilts in the heat of the global warming heart of Dallas.

Matsui went 4 for 4, Third String catcher Bobby Wilson had 2 HRs and 5 RBI and Ervin Santana allowed 1 run in 7 IP, throwing 99 pitches and striking out 4 Toronto batters.

アナハイムの最終スコア:天使 ...7... ブルージェイズ ...2...


松井は4の4に行った、第3列捕手ボビーウィルソンは2時間、5打点とアービンサンタナていた、99球を投げて7 IPで1失点、4トロントの打者を三振。


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