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Dan Haren Loses Matinee LOBsterfest of Anaheim

Final Score in Los Angeles of Anaheim: Blue Jays 4, Angels 1

Dan Haren allowed 4 runs in 7 IP and that was more than enough as his teammates on offense left a combined 17 runners on base. The unclutch Los Angeles LOBsters of Anaheim fell back to 8.5 Games Behind the Dallas Cowgirls in the American League West. Mike Napoli hit a solo HR to keep it close but the many opportunities the Angels had with baserunners were quashed by Ricky Romero (earning his new $31 Million contract) while Haren was good but not perfect, allowing 9 hits and striking out 5. He lost gas int he So Cal heat and never refilled his tank this afternoon.

I love the Angels but they are just not that good... sad considering the mediocre cokeheads atop the division ...a very beatable bunch.


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