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Angels Win Against Chowds in '10 Still Eludes Mike Scioscia

Final Score in Boston: Red Sox 7 Angels 5

On their way to a win over Benedict Lackey, the Angels let Kevin Jepsen giftwrap and personally deliver 2 runs late in the game to ensure a victory for the Massachusetts Clamdigging Mudmen. John Lackey got the W, Jonathan Papelbon got the Save and it was mediocre Angels pitching to blame this time as Scott Kazmir was lucky to only have allowed 4 ER in 5 IP. Angels batters showed up a little with some homers and doubles but not enough considering that Halo pitching is just plain lousy.

The called third strike to end the game was a signal to the bookies that the home plate umpire expects his payout to be in cash, small bills, no consecutive serial numbers, alright? I am not saying the Angels didn't deserve to lose this game - they did, they lost it fair and square - but the game ended on a fix regardless of the outcome.


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