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Target Practice: Angels Regret First Visit To Metrodome-less Minneapolis

Final Score in Minneapolis: Twins 7, Angels 1

The Twins' novel offensive strategy, called "hit it to Juan Rivera," paid big dividends when everyone's least favorite lackadaisical left-fielder misplayed two fly balls in a row, including one he let drop more than twenty feet behind him. You really have to see the replay to believe it. The defensive lapses almost single-handedly turned a 4-1 deficit into a 7-1 blowout by just the fourth inning.

The Twins threw a journeyman starter against Dan Haren, so you just had to figure this Angels lineup would turn him into Whitey Ford. Haren was not sharp, hanging a 2-1 curveball which Jason Kubel launched with two guys on base in the third inning. But Haren would have had to pitch a shutout to lift the Angels' limp bats over the left-handed buzzsaw named Brian Duensing. Look him up if you've never heard of him, and my guess is that you haven't.

You know what? I haven't even looked at the Rangers score. At 61-62, the Angels are in a race with themselves just to finish with a winning record. Oh by the way, Maicer Izturis is hurting again.


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