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Peter Bourjos Hits First ML HR, has 4 RBI Game

Final Score in Minnesota: Angels 9 Twins 3

Climbing back from a 3 run deficit, the Angels beat the Twins handily outdoors on the road on Saturday afternoon. CF rookie Peter Bourjos hit his first major league HR and drove in 4 runs. The Angels had 16 hits and even 1-5 Jeff Mathis hit a triple and took a strike from Bourjos for a dramatic bang-bang assist at the plate.

Starter Trevor Bell threw 97 pitches but could not make it out of the 5th inning, allowing reliever Francisco Rodriguez (not the in-law beater) to pick up his first major league win. Frankie 2 tossed 2.2 scoreless innings.

Texas took a nosecandy holiday and lost, so the Angels are 7 back with 38 games to play. So the playoffs either begin 38 games from now, 200 games from now or 362 games from now.


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