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One Bad Inning: The Jered Weaver Story Repeats

Angels scored no runs. Yes we have no bats.

Jered Weaver had to be perfect and he was only supremely human, thus sealing his fate. The Twins had 7 hits, the Angels had 6, but the Twins scored 4 runs and the Angels scored 0. Folks, the playoffs begin in 199 games.

Weaver had 3 strikeouts in 6 IP and looks kinda gassed... he's peaked in his greatest season and now the only question is how many single season counting stat marks can he set on the all-time franchise list and will he get enough rest in between starts to ensure his fitness for next season.

Jordan Walden made his major league debut in the game (wearing Jersey # 51). The reliever hit 98 on the gun and occasionally threw the ball into the strike zone (23 pitches, 14 strikes, 2 strikeouts a walk and a hit - look ma it is Fernando Rodney on the major league minimum). Scot Shields pitched the first scoreless inning of his career or at least since he was good.


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