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Who Owns the Angels?

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So you think Arte Moreno owns the Angels, yeah? Well... yeah you're right, but... how is that ownership structured? Like this:


These documents (and those for many other teams) were leaked to Deadspin and reveal lots of intricacies about the club

  • Moreno Family Baseball - 54.75%
  • Moreno Baseball - 22.25%
  • Levine Investments - 10%
  • RN Properties - 10%
  • Pope Family - 2%
  • SBJM Investments - 1%

Educated Guesses as to the Identities: Moreno family Baseball is probably a limited trust for Arte's kids controlled by Arte. Moreno Baseball is Arte and his wife. Levine Investments is one of Arte's billboard buddies. RN Properties is probably Arte's commercial real estate company but may be his oldest son's establishment of equity in and future control of the team. No idea who the Pope Family is, as good a Catholic as Arte is I doubt he tithed 2% of the club to Benedict XVI. SBJM Investments is probably the Angles CFO Bill Beverage, one of Arte's old billboard buddies.

Analysis: Arte is no dummy. But you knew that.