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Jordan Walden Fastball Hits 101 MPH in Angels Loss

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 3, Rays 10...

Righty Jordan Walden pitched an inning of relief and his fastball touched 101 Miles Per Hour on more than one pitch. Pretty much the highlight of this pathetic contest, lost early on Ervin Santana sloppiness to the kings of the AL East. Howie Kendrick hit a homer but it was too little too late.

Walden, called up before Sunday's game in which he made his major league debut, threw 18 pitches, 11 of them for strikes. He allowed two hits and recorded a strikeout and two groundouts. If he can master getting a minutia of movement on his Fastball he will be something real special. Walden is 6'5, weighs in at 220 and hails from Fort Worth, Texas, having attended Grayson Junior College, alma mater of "Benedict" John Lackey.


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