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Peter Bourjos HR Ends Angels RBI Dry Spell After 34+ Innings

Final Score in Seattle: Angels 5, Mariners 3

Ervin Santana pitched great, but that has not been enough lately, so imagine the relief when the Angels finally had a big inning. They scored 4 runs on 3 homers in the 6th inning on Monday night for their first Runs-Batted-In since Wednesday afternoon. Their only run scored in 34+ innings had been balked-in from 3B on Friday night. Ironically, their 5th run tonight scored on a balk. In a show of how far their offense still has to go, that bases loaded balk was all scoring they could muster from a bases-loaded, no out situation.

The drought of scoring ended with a Peter Bourjos HR to lead off the 6th inning of a then-scoreless game. Bobby Abreu followed later that inning with a solo blast and then,after a Torii Hunter single, Hideki Matsui hit a monster shot into the 2nd deck of Safeco's RF seats. It was enough to complement good pitching.

Santana tossed 7.2 Innings, struck out 4 and allowed 2 ER that really should not have scored nor been "earned" as a missed popup with no glove on it falling between Erick Aybar and Alberto Callaspo was ruled a "hit" (one of 8 surrendered by Ervin) and was what caused the scoring to begin. The floodgates let a little through, but this WAS the Mariners, so not to worry. Fernando Rodney got his first Save since being named the closer after the departure of Brian Fuentes to greener pastures. The Angels have beaten the preseason darling Mariners 11 times this season.


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