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Death By Thousand Cuts: Angels Lose 3-1

Final Score in Seattle: Mariners 3, Angels 1

A match-up featuring two very good starting pitchers against two very bad lineups figured to be an arm-wrestling match between armless men. If you don't know how that's possible, you should have watched the game. Dan Haren and Felix Hernandez both scattered inconsequential base runners over seven shutout innings apiece. Of course, you can always count on the bullpen to screw things up.

Alberto Callaspo and Howie Kendrick hit back-to-back doubles in the top of the eighth to score the first run of the game, but the Angels' rally was cut short by, what else?--stupid baserunning. Kevin Jepsen then coughed up the lead on a flyball and a couple of cheap hits by some random Seattle farmhands. The guy has absolutely no luck on balls in play, but after watching him walk two in the inning, it's hard to feel bad for him.

By the way, could you ask for a better debunking of the "win" than this game? Two quality pitching performances by the starters, and who gets the win? Brandon League, who needed a baserunning gaffe to escape the eighth with only one run allowed. I wonder if League's win tonight makes Mariner fans feel any better about losing Brandon Morrow...


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