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Angels Swept By Worst Team In American League

Final Score in Baltimore (hey, that rhymes): Orioles 5, Angels 4

Remember when we all laughed after Baltimore swept Texas in four games? Well, the only positive thing I can say about this one is that at least it was only a three-game sweep.

The Orioles finished off the humiliation with a walk-off win. Dan Haren was hen-pecked for four tough-luck runs over 6 1/3 innings, one of which after he left the game--as his BABIP continues to trend toward new heights of improbability. The Angels entered the top of the eighth inning trailing 4-0, but Torii Hunter completed a rare Angels rally with a two-on, two-out, game-tying home run. Angels fans haven't had that much excitement since...last night. Too bad tonight's result was pretty much the same.

Mike Scioscia refused to deviate from the bullpen flowchart in the bottom of the ninth, bringing in the same Francisco Rodriguez who took the loss in Tuesday's game to pitch through a 4-4 tie. K-Rod the Lesser served up a lead-off double to Matt Wieters and the other Izturis sac-bunted him over to third. Scioscia then elected to go with the five-man infield rather than walk the bases loaded and bring in Fuentes to go after the left-handed hitting Nick Markakis. Corey Patterson promptly blew up that plan with a line drive right up the middle. Game over, Monday morning quarterbacking begins in the comment thread.

The Angels are now 54-56. Forget about Texas, at this rate the Angels should count themselves lucky to finish the season with a winning record. Cheer up, people, 2010 won't last forever.